Academic Integrity

If you are one of the students who have to handle tons of writing assignments but have no idea how to hand them all in time, EssayLib can be your professional helper who assumes some of your obligations and helps you deal with all the writing stuff with ease.

EssayLib’s commitment to academic integrity

EssayLib is a company that commits to academic integrity in all aspects of its services. The assistance you, as a client, get at our service is meant to support learning and understanding of the material, not to facilitate dishonest behavior. Thus, when you come to us for help, you should keep this rule in mind.

Guidelines for the ethical use of our services

Clients should use the services we offer ethically, and here is a brief guide on how you can use the papers you receive from EssayLib.

  • Reference the content. Our experts research every topic from scratch, and you can confidently reference the information presented in the paper you receive from us.
  • Use it for research guidance. If you are confused about how to conduct your research, what issues to discuss, and how to present them to your audience effectively, the work you receive can be your step-by-step guide to completing a successful project.
  • Meet learning purposes. If you can’t find relevant information concerning a particular topic you’ve been assigned, read the research paper completed by one of our professional helpers and get answers to all your questions.
  • Ensure your work complies with academic standards. At times, it may be quite difficult to meet all the standards of academic writing, or it may take you too much time to search for all the instructions. In this situation, a customized paper can help you out. When working on clients’ orders, we always follow relevant academic standards and produce papers that are 100% academically compliant.

We respect you as our clients, and we encourage you to value the efforts we apply to assisting you and to respect the experts who help you handle your academic issues. Please use our assistance ethically and make sure that you are aware of all the terms and conditions that you, as a client, have to meet.

4 DON’TS with EssayLib

By working with our service, you agree to our terms, conditions, and restrictions. Here are the main don’ts when you order a paper from EssayLib.

  • Submitting the received work as your own. As we have mentioned earlier, the papers you receive from our service should be used as guides and sources of support while you work on the project. We do not encourage our clients to submit the papers we complete for them as their own.
  • Plagiarize any parts of the received paper. You can reference the information presented in the paper, but do not copy any parts of it or present them as your own research.
  • Reselling papers. The papers you receive are for personal use only. Do not resell the received works and do not share them with third parties for distribution. All these actions contradict our terms and conditions.
  • Falsifying information. Our experts research every topic from scratch, providing relevant information that supports the issue. We do not allow the falsification of any data. All the information you provide based on our research should be accurate and truthful.

Contact our support team 24/7 for more information

Before placing your order, we insist that you read all the actual terms and conditions on our website and ensure that you understand the purposes for which you can use our professional assistance. If you are not sure that you have understood everything clearly or do not know whether you can use our service for your particular purpose, you can always contact our support team, and they will help you with any questions you may have.

Our experts are scattered worldwide, and they operate around the clock to be ready to help you day or night. So, if you need help, please contact us, and we will assist you ASAP!

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