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Have you ever thought about becoming a professional academic writer and getting a highly paid remote job? If so, consider joining our team!

Benefits of becoming an essay writer

We appreciate the people with knowledge and skills who are ready to become helpers on our team. They get regular performance evaluations and proper payments for their work. Aside from the salaries, we have several other advantages that make the writer’s position attractive.

Flexible schedules

Our main requirement for you is that you provide quality writing on time. You can make any schedule for yourself that allows you to be the most effective. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, we won’t make you work 9 to 5. You can choose your own working hours according to your needs and preferences.

The workload depends on you

You can choose the orders you will work on, and that includes their volume as well. We have wishes regarding the number of pages that you have to write each month. However, you choose how many orders/pages you work on each given day or week. You can distribute the workload in whatever way is convenient for you.

Remote work

You need fine writing skills and strong academic knowledge to work with us. However, those things are always with you and don’t require any specific location. To cope with your work, you need a laptop (or PC, or tablet, whichever you prefer), a stable internet connection, and a bright mind. You can work with us from anywhere in the world.

Help with professional development

We have a quality control team to help you do your work at a high level. Our specialist will give you professional feedback. This is useful for you to get to know your strong and weak sides and to work on your professional skills. In addition, when you become part of our company, you open the path to development inside it. From time to time, we inform our employees about open job positions, and of course, internal candidates are preferred.

How to apply

If you’re confident about your writing skills and academic knowledge and want to join our team, the process is simple. It takes only three steps.

  • 1. Send us your CV

    It can take any form, with a photo or without it. We don’t pay too much attention to the formal side of the process. We expect you to have at least a bachelor’s degree so that you can cope with academic writing properly. You also need to be either a native speaker or have perfect English. If you meet these two criteria, you’re welcome to try joining our team.
  • 2. Round out the application with a short test task

    Soon after we get your CV, you’ll get an email from us. It will include the questions we need to know if you can work with us and provide high-quality help to our customers. The form also includes short test tasks. You’ll need to write a small text for us to evaluate your level of writing in practice.
  • 3. Have an interview with our HR

    If the answers and text from your application form meet our expectations and needs, we’ll invite you to have an interview with our HR department. During the interview, you’ll get to learn more about the specifics of our work, our requirements, and other details. We encourage you not to be shy; ask our HR any questions you have, and get any clarifications you need.

Join our team today and get brighter tomorrow!

Our company will gladly have one more professional writer.

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